Not IP – But a Life Changing Drink

The Lemon Ginger & Turmeric Drink – Cold Or Hot 

I’ll let you all do your Google research using my reasons for drinking this hot at night and cold in the morning. But, without boring you too much – the benefits are incredible. We are talking digestion, bloating, vitamins, and I won’t even go into the weight lose, detox and health stuff …. yet 😛 

Here is my 1 cup at night hot recipe ( same for morning, but morning is cold ) 

1 half teaspoon of turmeric 

2 tsp of concentrate lemon juice 

1 tsp of chopped and crushed fresh ginger 

1 half teaspoon of honey ( Not Needed – Good 4 You Though ) 

And that’s it. I can go on and on about other things you can add – but this is a simple, easy to do drink – that will change your life 🙂 

PS – This is not an overnight fix – but you will feel it fast! 

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