IP Ribs : Instant Pot Ribs For Idiots

A double pack of Ribs taken from my freezer. 
To make sure they fit in my Instant Pot – I thawed them under cold water
Once thawed enough, I sliced them into pieces that would fit into my Instant Pot
Use any type of sauce you have laying around – 1 full cup
Add another cup of water, beer, whatever you like
Mix it up
Set your Instant Pot to ” Ultra ” 
If you like fall off the bone ribs – set for 35 minutes. Like chewy? Set for less time
Add your ribs to the pot. Mix them up in the sauce a little
Close the lid and press the ” Start ” option
While waiting – Get a oven pan and line it up with aluminum foil ( easy clean up )
Take a minute to cut up some veggies
I did a quick release of steam – and here are my ribs
I then add my ribs onto the oven pan. Add my favorite sauce. Cover them with Hot Peppers
Then I add the pan to the oven and broil for about 5 minutes ( I should have flipped them for another 5 minutes – but I didn’t ) I should have also flipped them one last time for another 3 minutes – but I didn’t
The leftover broth . 
I added a vegetable steamer into the pot
I load it up with veggies – starting from longer to cook to faster to cook items
I added a bunch of Green Beans on top of them all = mistake = Don’t do it
I then added the potatoes on top of everything
I set the ” Pressure Option ” for 10 minutes “. Major mistake.  I should have set the time for ” 1 ” minute. Trust me on this if you like your veggies crisp and not soggy
The end result . Incredible fall of the bones ribs with very good – but soft veggies. 
For the next batch, I’ll cook the ribs for 30 minutes( I want them a little tougher ), and the veggies for not more than 1 minute. I’ll also use a different sauce before broiling my ribs. BUT! All in all, an Amazing Simple and Fast Rib Dinner 🙂

IP Ribs : Instant Pot Ribs For Idiots . I’m going to show you how 🙂 Baby steps with photo’s and results. 

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