Hi! I’m William – The Instant Pot Idiot 😛

This Blog is for my Mom – I don’t care if anyone loves this page or hates it. I created this blog as a way to communicate my experiences with The Instant Pot, while guiding my mom on how to use it. I’m keeping it as simple as possible – so many experienced Instant Pot users, might find my blog boring. If you like it = Great – If not – I will link to other video’s and recipes you might enjoy more 🙂 Take Care! Eat Healthy and Be Good! PS I will be asking my Mom on what she would like to cook, try it and post the results 🙂 Love Ya Mom & Dad ” The Taste Tester ”  🙂 Let’s have fun 🙂

If your like me, you watched hundreds of Instant Pot youtube video’s – and finally went out and bought one. We all remember mom’s old ticking time bomb and still fear the possibilities of yet another exploding pressure cooker. Well … that was then. It is time to remove the Instant Pot from the box – and use it.

I’ll try these “youtube” Instant Pot recipes myself and keep this blog updated as I do so. I’ll even give you my opinion on how it went and tasted, including – what I should have done differently.

To make this even easier – I will link to the actual video recipe I used, including all the progress I made – with step by step – simple to follow photo’s.

Example – This IP Ribs Recipe : https://ipidiot.home.blog/videos/


Have Fun  Visit Weekly

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